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You are ready to move, heal, connect, and be exactly who you are.

How does yoga help you heal from trauma?

  • We all have life experiences and emotions we hold onto. Either because we have forgotten how to release them or never learned in a healthy way how to let go.

  • Emotions are simply (E-energy) in motion- or energy that needs to move. Emotions are meant to move through us.


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Angelie Lundahl



About The Sati Center

Sati Center is a unique space of solace and refuge. We have classes, events, and private sessions designed to support our community. You belong. Every mind, body, and soul is diverse and unique, and this is where we celebrate, strengthen, and restore all three.

You belong. Sati is a place for YOU in the present moment. We are so grateful you have been led here, and are sincerely looking forward to our continued journey together.

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