Alexis Bigelow

Why I practice:

I found yoga 18 years ago and was immediately drawn to it. Yoga is the vehicle that connects me to my inner wisdom. My yoga practice brought me gently out of some hard and challenging times. My practice is not only physically healing and strengthening to my body, but my mind, spirit, and soul thrive on it as well. I continue a regular personal practice to access connection, strength, grounding, and endurance. My practice helps me face the difficulties of my life with more grace and ease. It is a spiritual and healing blessing to me.  

Why I teach: 

Yoga is an art that connects us to ourselves. It is a practice that allows us to reach ourselves on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. It is a deep and richly expansive practice that keeps a “teacher” still a student. I love the mechanics, anatomy, and function of the body systems. I love the unique opportunity each class and student presents. I love that you cannot outgrow your personal yoga practice, it grows with you. Yoga provides a platform for healing. It is an honor to guide students and practitioners to and through their own transformative journey. 


I completed my first 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified training in May 2012 with Gabrielle Riaz, followed by two more 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified training sessions in Nov 2015 and March 2016 with Vimana Yoga. In 2021 I became a trauma informed yoga teacher with Arizona Trauma Institute and attended a Restorative Partner Yoga training with Syl Carson and Bodhi Yoga. I have been teaching private individual sessions and group classes since 2012 with a variety of individuals suffering from various struggles and seeking healing from diverse emotional, physical goals and desires. I enjoy teaching different approaches including hot yoga, slow flow, yin yoga, restorative yoga as well as classes on meditation and mindfulness.

Gaylynn Whitehead

Why I practice NIA and Yoga:

A friend introduced me to NIA in 2009, at which time I was experiencing incredible sadness.  NIA was a balm to my soul, exposing me to a joy that was equal to my sadness.  As I have continued to deepen my NIA practice, I realize NIA is a creative outlet to express myself through dance, allowing my soul to heal. 

I was introduced to yoga in 2001, as a vehicle for self-soothing and meditation through the pranayama or breathing techniques.  I easily came to appreciate and incorporate the asanas, or postures, into my yoga practice and was drawn to the energy of being grateful for my body in its current state.  This was a different way of seeing my body and I thirsted for it.

Why I teach: 

I wish to share the joy of movement with others.  NIA  is a fusion of martial arts, dance and healing arts.  NIA is a practice that embodies finding joy in moving, rather than focusing on aesthetics.  NIA purposefully choreographs movements that cross the body’s center.  The intent of these movements is to cross hemispheres of the brain – aiding in creativity, and healing from trauma.

Quite simply, I find health and healing and I want to share health and healing with those around me.  Yoga uses breath-work that has been found to even out variable heart rate, which calms and syncs the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, aiding in healing.


I earned my NIA white belt in 2016 in Florida.  I began teaching in 2016 to a group of 7-10 people in Miami, FL, as well as some private lessons.  Later I taught a group of 5-10 people in Salt Lake City, UT from 2019 until March 2020, when covid hit.  I earned my NIA® blue belt in 2021. I am able to cater my class to the needs of the individuals.   

I have studied yoga for over 20 years and have been teaching yoga since Fall 2020 when I earned my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate and became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through an accredited Registered Yoga School (RYS), CorePower Yoga ®, credentialed through Yoga Alliance.